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About02A Formidable Legal Team

Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP has earned a well-deserved reputation in the business community, amongst its peers and fellow jurists, and in the court system. With nearly a century of combined legal experience in a variety of business and commercial settings, the firm�s attorneys have helped hundreds of clients to effectively and efficiently resolve their legal challenges.

Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP recognizes that businesses have diverse legal requirements. As such, we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys with expertise in all aspects of business litigation, including disputes involving business organization, corporate transactions, employment, financing, intellectual property, and real estate law.

Our goal is client satisfaction. We are strong courtroom advocates. We diligently pursue favorable disposition of cases without going to trial, in a quiet, quick and inexpensive manner. We regularly counsel clients on prevention of litigation by careful legal planning, helping clients to anticipate and resolve problems before they result in lawsuits.

Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP believes that you deserve the absolute best legal representation available: an experienced lead attorney, a dedicated legal team, support staff and service providers, all aimed at prevailing on your behalf. The reduced overhead of a smaller firm permits us to offer exceptional legal services at hourly rates that are lower than those charged by larger firms. Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP consistently offers outstanding quality, service, and results for our clients.




Paul Evan Greenwald, Esq.

Paul A. Hoffman, Esq.



Sandra A. Groscup

Thomas S. Matthews


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