Effective Litigation- Model Case

In their passion for aggressive, effective litigation, Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP continue to set the bar in our community for outstanding case outcomes.

While partner Paul A. Hoffman always hopes to spare his clients the costs and stress of extended legal battles, he acknowledges that some cases will inevitably require them to go through the litigation process. In a recent case, he showcases that sometimes the right strategies and tenacity deliver the best results possible.

In this case, Greenwald & Hoffman�s client was sued by the Plaintiff for wrongful foreclosure, which turned into an ongoing dispute lasting more than four years. The Plaintiffs filed a 52 page complaint which included 17 separate claims. In short, they were seeking millions of dollars of damages, which put the Firm�s client in the financial crosshairs. The Greenwald & Hoffman team successfully knocked out 16 of the claims on summary judgment, leaving only one remaining. The Court of Appeal affirmed this victory, and subsequently sent the one remaining claim back for trial. Paul Evan Greenwald took the video depositions of the husband and wife Plaintiffs. At the end of the second day of depositions, the Plaintiffs agreed to walk away without any payment to them and dismiss the case. As a result, Greenwald & Hoffman�s clients paid no money to the Plaintiffs and finally received the vindication they needed for fighting this stressful lawsuit. After four long years, they were able to conclude this upsetting chapter in their lives knowing that both their financial futures and reputation remain intact.

This case is just one example of the Firm�s continuing demonstration of a legal team getting it right. They bring together their combined experience to craft strategies and processes that both protect and advocate for their clients.

Greenwald & Hoffman partner Paul A. Hoffman believes that this victory stands as a prime example of the quality work his firm offers, and looks forward to its continued success and future victories.

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