Business Litigation Law Firm, Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP

Snapshots of Success—How One Local Legal Firm Exemplifies Effective Business Litigation

With so many successes in commercial litigation, Greenwald & Hoffman, LLP continues to set the standard in our community.

This boutique firm is known for taking on the big cases, and their impressive client list includes multi-million dollar businesses across our state and beyond. Additionally, several highly publicized victories cement Greenwald & Hoffman’s place as a trusted advisor in our legal community.

Partner Paul E. Greenwald attributes the firm’s success to their commitment to superior client service delivered in conjunction with a rich history of legal expertise and trial experience. He and Managing Partner Paul A. Hoffman approach each case with the goal of a timely settlement that keeps legal costs down. However, Mr. Hoffman also notes that his team is always ready, willing, and able to take tough cases to trial and that they pursue avenues that keep their clients’ best interests at the forefront. With experience at the local, state, federal, and appellate courts, Paul Hoffman and his team have amassed an impressive list of legal achievements, including numerous settlements in the millions of dollars. For example, their victory in a 2007 case was noted by The Daily Journal to be “one of the largest monetary judgements in a civil wrongful termination case not involving racial bias or sexual discrimination in California.”

While their civil litigation victories garner the most attention, Paul Hoffman believes that through effective representation, his firm helps clients minimize their own risk for litigation. As he looks towards the future, Mr. Hoffman says the firm will continue to contribute to the culture of legal excellence and help future clients achieve their business goals.


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